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Our Vision, Sustainable Growth
Our core service strategy is based on the county government's principle of “people-oriented system aimed at creating a happy hometown of Pingtung.” We shall focus on the humanity and geographical features as well as the principles of “service,” “unique,” “professional,” “efficient,” “rapid” and “beneficial” as our core values. Our goal is to adopt the latest technologies, ensure gender equality and promote innovative services in order create a fast and friendly tax collection environment.
To achieve "SUPERB" excellence, this bureau will work hard in the following directions in the future:
★Service: Quality Services
In light of the special geographical and cultural environment in the Pingtung area, the cookie-cutter services are difficult in meeting the needs of the people. So we must plan the various types of services based on local conditions. This is especially true for the disadvantaged groups that require special assistance, the elderly and the growing new southbound immigrant ethnic groups. The objective is to actively contact and understand the needs of the public and provide customized services to meet the people's needs.
★Unique: Unique Innovation
With the rapid advancements in technology, good use of information tools to fully improve service quality and mobile services can enable the people to grasp the tax information anytime, anywhere. Responsive website is a starting point. This bureau will endeavor to integrate the information tools and strengthen the immediacy of Facebook and LINE push messages in order to multiply the effects of innovative personal services.
★Professional: Professional Self-sustaining
In addition to quantity increase, the quality must also be strengthened. The staffs' familiarity with the regulations, courteous public reception attitudes and the self-ethical requirements are all integral segments to overall perfection. So in addition to continuing the various seminars and trainings to strengthen the staff's professionalism, we will also focus on the core values of this bureau so that the staff can reach a consensus on the mission and fully implement the strategies from top to bottom in order to exert the maximum service energy.
★Efficient: Efficiency Enhancement
Use internal innovative mechanisms such as Idea-Dozen and other measures to further streamline the administrative processes and enhance work efficiency. We will also review the application item undertaking process time while enhancing service efficiency for the people.
★Rapid: Streamlined & Fast
Adopt cross-agency cooperation to integrate the county government teams and resources of the various units and agencies, simplify application and document preparation procedures for the people, help the people to save time and money, and achieve the additional goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction. There have been frequent natural disasters in recent years. In addition to collaboration with the relocation measures of the township and county offices as well as actively provide tax relief, this bureau has also expanded its services to reduce the burden on the people.
★Beneficial: Convenient and Caring
Pingtung is a county with long and narrow territory, and the citizens’ medium age is higher than other counties. To provide service for citizens who live in remote areas or not be able to use computer, the Tax Bureau has broadened the remote service to 31 District Affairs Offices or Household Registration Offices. Now, the remote tax service is available over the 33 districts around Pingtung. Besides, we provide convenient and considerate on-site service for disabilities and citizens over 70.