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Pingtung Tax Collection Office was known as “Pingtung Tax Office of Kaohsiung State” during the Japanese Occupancy Period. It was re-named what it is called today in October 1950. At that time the office was composed of Sections One, Two, Three and Four as well as the Accounting & Statistics Room, the personnel administrators and Chao Chou & Tung Kang branches. It dealt with the collection business of the local taxes in national and provincial levels. The size of the authority had been somewhat established at such an initial phase. In 1963 as the social environment changed, Heng Chun Branch was additionally set up for enhancing the public convenience service, followed by the subsequent organization of the security room, the information room, the general affairs room, the legal affairs room and the auditing room. It was a period of growth for this Office.
In 1978 an expansive personnel arrangement was further made by approval of the Executive Yuan. The section functional division was implemented in respect of the internal organization, in keeping with the uprise of the industry and business and the promotion of the collection efficiency in 1987. The former sections and rooms were individually changed as the Section of Industry and Business Tax, the Section of Estate Tax and the Section of Consumption Tax. The structure of the organization was completed with the largest manpower size at this peak stage of this Office.
In 1992 the national and local taxes were separately collected. This Office transferred step by step those personnel who were in charge of such national taxes as the individual income tax at the Section of Industry and Business Tax, the inheritance and gift taxes of the Section of Estate Tax, the commodity and securities transaction taxes at the Section of the Consumption Tax, the profit-seeking enterprise income tax at the Auditing Section, along with the related businesses of the branches to the National Tax Administration of Southern Region, Taiwan Province, the Ministry of Finance. As soon as the National Tax Administration was established, the sections and rooms remained unchanged, including seven sections, four rooms and three branches, except for the Auditing Section which was abolished due to the transfer of a majority of business and personnel to the National Tax Administration. As for the Checking Team in charge of checking the evasions of various taxes at the Auditing Section was subordinated into the Section of Industry and Business Tax instead, because it was still kept in this Office without being transferred.
Effective 2003, the practical operation of the business tax will be removed to the National Tax Administration. The business of this Office will return to the collection of the local taxes and a variety of administrative tasks. Thanks to the implementation of the local autonomy and the restructure engineering of the governmental organization, the structure and personnel arrangement of this Office is also adjusted towards a downsized direction.
At 2008.2.20, in order to reflect the reform of administrative system of local government。we rename again “the Tax Bureau of Pintung County”。have 6 departments and 3 mission sections 3 branch offices.
At 2012, 7.1. Increasing a new department is the “plan and service department”.at same time to rename the” administration of tax affairs”  to” the low of taxation department”. the total unit are 7 departments and 3 mission sections 3 branch offices.
At 2018.3.1. In order to simplify the organization of the Local Government of Pintung County, we combine the taxation and finance bureau together to become a new unit, “the taxation and finance bureau” is founded.

On May 1, 2019, the General Affairs Section、Public Assets Section and Treasury Section was combined as Public Assets and General Affairs Section and Treasury and Documentation Section. The Consumption Tax Section and Tobacco and Alcohol Management Section was combined as Tobacco and Alcohol Management, and Consumption Tax Section. The stamp tax and special soil and rock management tax were transferred to house tax section. After the reorganization, there are 9sections、3 offices and 3 branches within the Tax Bureau.