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For people Service White Paper
Local Tax Bureau, Pingtung County For People Service White Paper

Our Promise

This "For People Service White Paper" is our promise and demonstration for all inhabitants in this county. We hope sincerely that our efforts on improving service quality and administrative efficiency can obtain your approval and support. At the moment of our appreciation to your honest tax payment, the revenue job, from authoritative detection on tax evasion, has been transferred to dealing with tax in fervor and service. During couple years, we constantly to make the research on every process and application procedure. Moreover, we provide the channel which allows public to response and complain their opinion. This will get the improvement in every operations positively. With our effort many years, we obtain the Executive Yuan eighth reward of service quality finally which represents our pay attention in public's opinion. Meanwhile we are the first organization who obtains such reward in our county. Service public will be our endless job and will also make constant effort to pursue more superior efficiency.
Thank you for your integrity on tax payments contributes to the development and construction in Pingtung. To facilitate various taxes and levies for you, we present a White Paper to have you realize our considerate service facilities and convenient measures. From now on, we will sustain the spirit of "Service is upmost and Facilitation is prior" , execute the concept of "Levy with love and Guest in priority" , provide the most convenient proper service to reach quality goal of “Procedures standardization, Taxation impartialization, Procedure facilitation, Service Customization. As well, expect that you can cooperate with us closely, urge together to create fair, reasonable, harmony taxation nvironment.

1. Revenue Service Area (including branches)

Revenue Service Area (including branches)
2. Job Items

Our bureau is in charge of local taxes including Land Value Tax, Fields Tax, Land Value Increment Tax, Project Advantage Tax,
House Tax, Deed Tax, Usage License Tax, Stamp Tax and Amusement Tax, as well as, tax affair administration in Pingtung.

3. Comfortable Environment for Business

  1. Humanization counters
  2. Waiting Areas
  3. OA offices
  4. Volunteers' Service Centers
  5. Negotiation Centers
  6. Baby-sitting Rooms
  7. Culture Gallery
  8. Viewing area of Gardenin

Service facilities based on the priority of a guest

  1. Handrail step of non-obstacle, Love bell, wheelc
  2. Restrooms for the disabled.
  3. Comfortable and convenient tables
  4. Tax payment center
  5. The propaganda brochures and information closet for various tax.
  6. Paintings on electric
  7. Bilingual position picture for each department
  8. Flowchart sign board for big operation
  9. Love umbrella
  10. Cold and Hot drink water
  11. Presbyopic Glasses
  12. Escalator
Innovative and Convenient Measures

  1. at Multi-function counters no application form requested
  2. Overall execution of non-district-limit counters
  3. Usage License Tax refund in cash
  4. Simplification on payment slips enclosed with application cases
  5. Inquiry brochure delivered by County government to facilitate the subsidy application for the medium-low income.
  6. Installment of multi-function service counter-One Stop Window ( Phone no.: 7338086 ext515)
  Service items:
  • Inquiry for general tax affairs
  • Inquiry for the levy information to House Tax
  • Inquiry for the certificate of the current value for House Tax and the issue of Tax Registration
  • Inquiry for total unpaid house tax and land value tax.
  • The certificate of tax payment via account transfer for various tax in the existing period.
  • The certificate of House Tax payment in the existing period.
  • Inquiry for National Property Total Account
  • Inquiry for the question that Land Value Increment Tax was applied for Self-using residence lands before.
  • Inquiry for Land Announcement Value
  • Inquiry for price index to land value increment tax
  • Inquiry and application for tax payments via account transfer
  • Inquiry for tax refund
  Overall Service with non-county-restriction:
  Inquiry for National Property Total Account
Inquiry for Land Value Increment Tax applied for Self-using residence
lands before.
  1. The declared case of Land Value Increment Tax in simple and without price raise will be issued the sheet within 1 hour. Phone no.: 7748838、0800875959
  2. Install property position search system to explore lands and houses efficiently. Phone no.: 7748833、7748853
  3. Tax education and propaganda to cultivate accurate concept.
  4. Provision of free charge service telephone on wisdom internet
  5. Computer voice inquiry system on tax questions
  6. Direct phone to refund tax (phone no.:7748837)
  7. Service for the address change on the vehicle license tax (phone no.:774-8823)
  8. Application and inquiry service through internet (phone no.:7748821)
  9. The way of paying diverse tax. Phone no.: 7748835
  10. One call solves all once non-receipt of tax bil(phone no.:774-8833)
    Everything is done through a phone call once tax bills isn't received.
    Special telephone line for the reissue of Usage
    License Tax : 7748873 House Tax : 7748804
    Land Value Tax : 7748826
    Convenient way to apply "no levy on usage license tax" for those residents in off-shore islands (contact phone no: 7748833
    Voluntarily explore and assist those victims suffering from an Act of God to apply the deduction of taxes.
    contact no. for Usage License Tax: 7748823
    House Tax: 7748822
    Land Value Tax: 7748838
    Different organizations service to convenient public .
    Phone: 7748826

Multi-ways for business

Service way Service Time Service place Service Item
Skype 9:00 - 10:00 AM Head office Inquiry for tax affair, reissue of tax bills, change of the receivers and address on bills, provision of various documents, propaganda and response.
service 2:00-3:00 PM Head office Inquiry for tax affair, reissue of tax bills, change of the receivers and address on bills, provision of various documents, propaganda and response.
No close service at noon 12:00~13:30 in the period of levying tax
(April, May and Nov.)
Chaozhou branch
Dongang branch
Hengchun branch
Levy of tax items and multi-function counter service
Service time extension the levying period, service time is
extended until 18:30
Head office Levy of tax items and multi-function counter service
Land a dministration service 2:00 3:00 pm on the previous 3 Wednes-days & Thursdays monthly Head office Related business on the commerce,
inheritance and bestowment of lands and houses

Listen sound from civilians

Building 15 channels for civilians reflections and communications, through which we can deal the reflections and realize the require-ment from civilians.
  The channels as follows:
  • "Appointment with the director" boxes
  • electric mail boxes for public opinion
  • investigation of public opinion
  • internet investigation of public opinion
  • supervisors interview civilians
  • supervisors interview the delegate (aldermen)
  • Service boxes and administrative innovation boxes for civilians
  • special phone lines and boxes for corruption impeachment
  • building negotiation centers
  • complaint hot line (supervisors is the operator)
  • Our website - I want to say
  • Tax propagation and seminars held
  • Incorruption or corruption investigation
  • Civilians' Complaint reception and Following files.
  • opinion investigation for various tax levy

Listen sound from civilians

https://www.pttb.gov.tw  Inquiriescontact no : 7748821
  Service items:
  Estimation inquiry─
Inquire the previous transference basis price index, proclaimed land current value, bank interest rate, interest estimation for overdue fine, land increment value re-purchase.
  • Blank application form download
  • Filling Example inquiry
  • Documents required and timetable inquiry
  • Application on line
  • Inquiry of Laws and regulations on local taxes
  • FAQ
  • Internet Taxation service
  • Multi-function service counters reservation
The channels as follows:

  (1)Application items via telephone
  • the re-issuance of tax bills and the change of taxpayers' address for usage license tax, house tax and land value tax.
  • The change of taxpayers' address for usage license tax, house tax and land value tax.
  • Provision of application forms on local taxes and taxpaying.
  • propaganda Inquiry for a regular tax affair, refund of local taxes and account transference of tax payment.
  • Estimation of land increment value tax, price index inquiry, the procedure inquiry for land increment value tax, inquiry for proclaimed land current value of the said year.
  • Inquiry for the situation of transaction prohibition cases, departure limitation, taxes unpaid and execution.
  (2)Application items via facsimile:
Tax item Application for land value tax of personal residence lands, application for a change on receivers' address, application for re-issuance of taxation bills, application for lands usage qualified with fields tax, application for land value tax qualified to industrial lands and factory lands, application for land value tax qualified to gas stations and parking lots, application for land value tax qualified to lane and street lands
Land increment value tax Inquiry application for a preferential tax rate in a life adapted or not, inquiry for the proclaimed land current value the said year
House tax Application for re-issue of taxation bills or a change on receivers address, provision of application forms and taxpaying propaganda, inquiry for regular tax administration , inquiry for tax refund, inquiry for house tax registration number
Usage license tax Re-issuance of taxation bills, provision of application forms and tax payment propaganda, inquiry for regular tax administration and inquiry of tax refund
Amusement tax Amusement tax Re-issuance of taxation bills, application for setting-up substitutive tax, application for business resumption and application for re-checking of business facilities
Others Provision of various documents forms and taxation propaganda, inquiry for account transferred tax paying, seminar for laws and regulation of local taxes and regular taxation inquiry
  Contact No:
  • Land Value Tax 774-8826 (Fax:766-1812)
  • Land Increment Value Tax 774-8838 (Fax:766-1813)
  • House Tax 774-8830 (Fax:766-1810)
  • Usage License Tax 774-8823 (Fax:766-1865)
  • Amusement Tax 774-8893 (Fax:766-1865)
  • Others 774-8821 (Fax:766-1867)
The way to effort in the future

  1. Reinforce electron ic allization service and reach the facilitation service Exploit endless internet function, expand internet service items and reach the goal of simple administration and convenience.
  2. Execute bench marking learning concept and raise the quality comprehensively Persistent learning to excellent institutions, transferring colleague opinion and feedback of improving various projects, make efforts to reach the goal of raising the service quality comprehensively.
  3. Exploit management tools and raise professional ability Drive the faculty to participate proposals & have colleague brain stormed make efforts to raise the abilities to solve problems and professional abilities improvement.
  4. Execute "Guest is priority" and satisfy civilians anticipation Aiming to civilians request, scheme service measures with high added value andcreation to obtain civilians' knowledge and high satisfaction.
Chuojhou branch:
Post code 920, No. 16, San Hwa Lane, Guang Hwu Li, Chuo Jhou Jhen,
Ping Tung Couty
Telephone: 08-7882477 Fax: 08-7808084
Dong Guang Branch:
Post Code 90009 No. 24, Pei Ping Rd., Ping Tung City
Telephone: 08-8354780  Fax: 08-8354783
Heng Chun Branch:
Post Code 946. No. 98, Nan MenRd., Heng Chun Zhen, Ping Tung County
Telephone: 08-8895255  Fax: 08-8896500
Free charge phone no:
0800-87-5959 (for Land Value Increment Tax)
0800-87-6969 (Service for tax payment)
0800-87-7979 (for House Tax)
0800-87-8989 (for Land Value Tax)
0800-87-9999 (for Vehicle License Tax)